Fashion and style: Do sparkle

                                                                                                sandals: bershka                                                                                                 dress: INES atelier                           […]

Fashion and style: The double hearts

                                                                                                   dress: bershka                                                                                                    boots: stradivarius                                                                                                    hat: h&m                                                                                                    jacket: INES atelier                                                                                                    jewelry: PANDORA                                                                                                    ph. Jelena K. […]

Fashion and style: Summer glow

                                                                                                     dress: women’secret                                                                                                      jewelry: PANDORA                                                                                                      ph. Jelena  The one thing you really need for the warmer months ahead […]

Fashion and style: Denim jacket

                                                                                                 boots: stradivarius                                                                                                  dress: zara                                                                                                  jacket: zara                                                                                                  socks: calzedonia                                                                                                  sunglasses: le specs                                                                                                  bag: mona                                                                                                  […]

Fashion and style: The perfect gift

                                                                                             ph. Jelena, me Honestly, it’s never too late to get a head start on Christmas/NY’s shopping! So, forget the […]

Fashion and style: Velvet boots

                                                                                                boots: stradivarius                                                                                                 dress: h&m                                                                                                 faux fur jacket: bershka                                                                                                 jewelry: PANDORA                                                                                                 ph. Jelena Less really can […]

Fashion and style: Suit up

                                                                                          sneakers: adidas                                                                                           pants: h&m                                                                                           t-shirt: h&m                                                                                           blazer: h&m                                                                                           bag: gucci                                                                                           sunglasses: ray ban                                                                                           […]

Fashion and style: Metallics

                                                                                              sneakers: adidas                                                                                               dress: h&m                                                                                               jacket: zara                                                                                               sunglasses: ray ban                                                                                               bag: gucci                                                                                               jewelry: PANDORA                                                                                               […]