Fashion and style: Ribbed cardigan

                                                                                            boots: isabel marant pour h&m                                                                                             skirt: bershka                                                                                             t-shirt: stradivarius                                                                                             cardigan: massimo dutti                                                                                             bag: massimo dutti […]

Fashion and style: Blue

                                                                                                 shoes: isabel marant pour h&m                                                                                                  shirt: massimo dutti                                                                                                  belt: pull&bear                                                                                                  hat: bershka                                                                                                  sunglasses: ray ban […]

Fashion and style: Embroidered foulard

                                                                                             shoes: bershka                                                                                              jeans: bershka                                                                                              t-shirt: stradivarius                                                                                              scarf: massimo dutti                                                                                              bag: stradivarius                                                                                              belt: pull&bear                                                                                              […]

Fashion and style: Camel

                                                                                                                                                                                                shoes: zara                                                                                                    skirt: zara                                                                                                    sweater: massimo dutti                                                                                                    coat: massimo dutti                                                                                                    ph. Miljana Vukovic Elle […]

Fashion and style: Striped shirt

                                                                                                CLICK TO SEE MORE                                                                                                   sandals: cinti                                                                                                   jeans: zara                                                                                                   shirt: massimo dutti                                                                                                   dress/shirt: software                                                                                                   rings: […]

Fashion and style: Striped dress

                                                                                             CLICK TO SEE MORE                                                                                                    dress: massimo dutti                                                                                                    shirt: mango                                                                                                    sunglasses: raen                                                                                                    necklace: h&m                                                                                                    watch: […]