Fashion and style: Rhea

                                                                                                   sneakers: adidas                                                                                                    jeans: zara                                                                                                    t-shirt: h&m                                                                                                    jacket: mona                                                                                                    belt: mango                                                                                                    bag: mona                                                                                                    sunglasses: […]

Fashion and style: Metallics

                                                                                              sneakers: adidas                                                                                               dress: h&m                                                                                               jacket: zara                                                                                               sunglasses: ray ban                                                                                               bag: gucci                                                                                               jewelry: PANDORA                                                                                               […]

Fashion and style: Fringe lace top

                                                                                           sneakers: adidas                                                                                            shorts: pull and bear                                                                                            tank top: h&m                                                                                            top: zaful / here                                                                                            sunglasses: ray […]

Fashion and style: Metal toe

                                                                                                                                                                                          sneakers: adidas                                 […]

Fashion and style: Pale pink

                                                                                                                                                                                              sneakers: adidas                                                                                                 jeans: zara                                                                                                 top: zara                                                                                                 cardigan: pull&bear                                                                                                 trench coat: zara                                                                                                 sunglasses: ray […]

Fashion and style: Mid-rise jeans

                                                                                                                                                                                        sneakers: adidas                                                                                                 jeans: zara                                                                                                 sweater: c&a                                                                                                 coat: zara                                                                                                 scarf: acne studios                                                                                                 bag: gucci […]

Fashion and style: Nude leather jacket

                                                                                                                                                                                           sneakers: adidas by jeremy scott                                                                                                   dress, jacket, jewelry: INES atelier                                                                                                   sunglasses: ray ban                                                                                                   bag: parfois […]

Fashion and style: Asymmetric skirt

                                                                                                                                                                                             sneakers: adidas                                                                                                skirt: INES atelier                                                                                                shirt: mango                                                                                                bag: gucci                                                                                                rings: INES atelier                                                                                                sunglasses: […]

Superstar wings

                                                                                                 CLICK TO SEE MORE                                                                                                    sneakers: adidas originals by jeremy scott                                                                                                   jeans: zara                                                                                                   blouse: zara                                                                                                   shirt: zara                                                                                                   watch: daniel […]

Fashion and style: Pastel pink suit

                                                                                                  CLICK TO SEE MORE                                                                                                   sneakers: adidas                                                                                                   pants: zara                                                                                                   blouse: asos                                                                                                   blazer: zara                                                                                                   watch: jacques […]